Five Reasons Jesus Could Return in Our Lifetime

I wrote on this subject two years ago after confessing that though the Second Coming of Christ has always been a wonderful hope of mine, I have never really believed it would take place in my lifetime.

I've been too busy trying to do my part to complete the Great Commission--and leave the rest to God.

But, either I'm just getting older, or the stuff on the evening news seems to be overwhelmingly shouting out this world might not last much longer.

At any rate, I've got some new thoughts on why Jesus might return in our lifetime.

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MVP Points the Way Back to National Greatness

Stephen Curry ((pronounced STEFF-un) is the reigning Most Valuable Player of the National Basketball Association. Last night I watched him dazzle a Bay-area crowd with his ball-handling skills, incredible court savvy and his game-leading 34 points which helped take down the Houston Rockets.

That same day, my friend Kim Atwater forwarded an article to me about Steph Curry that strikes at the heart of the worldview battle in America. We are a divided country, in political gridlock, because two totally opposite worldviews are fighting for supremacy.

One philosophy pushes self and pride. The other promotes God and humbleness.

Steph Curry has it right that the road to greatness is paved with humility.

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