How Jesus Changed the World - Part 2

Happy week after Christmas. Hope you had a wonderful holiday of worship, reflection, celebration, and special time with family and friends.

It was all made possible through the coming of Jesus--and in this, the third part of our trilogy--we finish our brief discussion on his amazing impact on the planet.

Here are six more areas where the life of Jesus changed the world.

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Faith or Fear After the Final Blood Moon?

Shirley and I went out on our deck two nights ago to see if we could glimpse what the media was calling an historic lunar eclipse and what the Bible calls a blood moon.

We couldn't see it for the trees.

Later on, an enlarged and beautiful moon (due to its close orbit to the earth) shed radiant light on our back yard throughout the night. And I thought: Will this incredible sign in the heavens be the beginning of some big changes on earth?

To be honest, I don't know.

But these things I do know.

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